1. Where can I learn what assets must have UID?

Visit http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/uid/index.html for official Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy information.

The Guides section at http://www.acq.osd.mil/dpap/pdi/uid/guides.html provides a central location to read and download key documents. For example the �Department of Defense Guide to Uniquely Identifying Itemsn Version 1.6 June 1, 2006� specifically address what assets must have UID.

2. What are the difference between UID direct part marking and UID name plates and labels to identify assets?

The barcode(s) and human readable data must follow the same Guideline rules that result in the UID two-dimensional DataMatrix code. When 1) the asset to be marked is smaller than available name plates, 2) if mounting a name plate is not feasible, 3) if direct marking equipment is available, and/or if the volume of parts justifies a direct marking function then the choice for direct part marking may be feasible. UID name plates are best suited for identifying larger assets where rivet or permanent adhesive mounting techniques can be successfully used. Often the total continuing cost to procure and mount a UID name plate will be less than the total cost to acquire equipment and perform the process to direct part mark an asset.

3. What kind of technical support is available from UIDexpress?

The UIDexpress team has reduced the Quote/Order process for UID name plates and labels to four basic decisions that minimize the confusion that can surround data formats and required fields required to comply with the Guidelines and to order UID name plates. For many of the listed formats these choices do not change so we jump you directly to the data entry page by-passing the four steps.

Even so we know questions will arise. Towards meeting that need this FAQs section of UIDexpress provides a second level of help in understanding how to proceed to meet UID requirements. The FAQs section is a compilation of questions the UIDexpress team has been asked and the most relevant answer we can provide.

There will be times were you will need an answer that is not handled by the standard process or this FAQs page. In such cases you are encouraged to contact the UIDexpress.com team at:

support@UIDexpress.com or call 704-947-5200 and we will be happy to respond soonest.

4. Is there a charge to enter an order into the UIDexpress.com shopping cart to get a quote?

No. There is no credit card charge or Purchase Order commitment until you specifically complete the credit card or Purchase Order authorization process.

5. Can I change my mind, delete out a shopping card line item or edit one of the data fields without loosing the other data entered?

Yes you can delete, edit and add to your shopping cart as often as you need. You can leave the website and return later to continue your data entry. You can also enter a data file then manually add, delete, change any specific shopping cart entry. Only when you are ready to proceed do you complete the Order Process.