Welcome to UIDexpress.com!

UIDexpress is THE original Internet UID printer service bureau provider. As we approach our eighth anniversary serving hundreds of on-line customers the UIDexpress Team wants to again say "THANK YOU!" to each customer and everyone who has supported our phenomenal growth and success.

Getting Started: UIDexpress Link or Define Format Data

Many UIDexpres users reorder the same label and name plate formats. To better serve our customers we created UIDexpress Link� enabling an immediate display of the data entry page after format selection. When sourcing labels or nameplates to meet specific program requirements (e.g., F-22) just click on the program�s Express Link assured that all requirements in the applicable specification are preset. You need only enter your specific data. For those seeking to adapt a label format with special requirements the basic four step process is also supported starting at the Quote/Order page.

New Thermal Printed, Tessa secure and AL anodize Laser Etch

Newly added to our proven Metalphoto label / nameplate and Stainless Steel nameplate options are Thermal Printed with laminate overlay (F-22, F-35/JSF CLASS D), Tessa secure (F-16), and AL anodize Laser Etch (F-16) durable products meeting your IUID requirements.

Manual Entry or Import Data via Excel

You can manually enter data or use an Excel spreadsheet to build and edit an order file containing many part numbers. Contact us for the specific record format for your nameplate or label.

To begin, click on the UIDexpress Link program of interest, Quote/Order tab above to proceed with your quote/order from UIDexpress, email to Mike@UIDexpress.com or call us at 704-947- 5200.

And remember - Custom jobs of any quantity are always welcome!

Our Commitment

UIDexpress is committed to serving your IUID requirements as a full service, efficient low cost provider insuring compliance to all DoD MIL-STD-130, DFARS and UID requirements as documented in each order�s Certificate of Conformance.

Many Plate Types Offered

UIDexpress offers a wide variety of UID plate formats. The list below is just a small sampling of what we offer. Contact us to inquire about your UID plate needs.

  • AF AIT
  • AL Metalphoto .003
  • AL Metalphoto .020
  • Aluminum Metalphoto
  • Boeing C-17
  • Boeing C-17 New
  • Laser Additive Bonded and Etched Plates
  • Laser Marked Stainless Steel
  • Lockheed Martin F-16
  • Lockheed Martin F-22
  • Lockheed Martin F-35/JSF
  • Polyacrylic tape
  • Thermal Printed Polyester
  • Thermal Printed Vinyl